Lomec Gearings
LOMEC INGRANAGGI S.r.l. a socio unico
Lomec Gearingsvia S. Luca, 11 - Loc.Monteveglio
40053 VALSAMOGGIA (BO) Italy
tel. +39 051 833090 r.a.
fax +39 051 833110
C.F. e P.I. 03898551209
Using the own inner resources and coordinating an immense induced, the current output rate is approx. 10,000 gears daily. This accounts for 75% of the company potential.
The in-line testing equipment has been increased thanks to IT and statistics applied the most important machinings (toothing and shaving).
The progress of the production cycle is monitored by a dedicated software with direct production data input from the machine tools.
A distinguishing feature of the company is prompt response in case of particularly urgent customers’ needs. This is part of the corporate policy, aiming in particular at meeting customers’ requirements and being a fully reliable partner.